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Therms and Conditions

Please read before booking a trip with us.
With paying the deposit you read, understood and accept ourTherms and contitions.
Place of jurisdiction is Riverside / CA / USA

Therms and Conditions FULLPROmx

1. Introduction – FULLPROMX is the premier motocross vacation company in Southern California, it is our mission to provide you with easy affordable access to the local tracks and riding facilities. Our vacations include but are not limited to accommodation, bike hire, tours to motocross specific sites, event tickets for various national and international events and transport to/hotels for events that we attend out of our area.

2. Services we provide – Below is a list of the following services we provide for our clients:  - Accommodation with self-served breakfast  - Bike Hire on 250/450 4 stroke motorcycles or 65/85 2 stroke motorcycles, different Brands, fuel and Track fees are not includet  -  If booked and confirmed ,Event tickets for select events included in your package.  - Hotels for out of town events included in your package.  No other products other than what is listed on your package itinerary are included in your  trip unless otherwise stated by Fullpromx management.

3. Enjoying your riding experience - We cater to amateur riders of average ability who wish to stay and ride in California and live the dream of riding the same tracks the top level pro’s ride. We  encourage all customers to ride within their limits and remember they are here for the  enjoyment of the experience. To maximize the enjoyment of your vacation please assess the  track conditions, your ability and the equipment you are riding. Make sure you enter and exit  the track in a safe manner and only attempt obstacle you feel safe and confident in doing. We understand motocross is a dangerous sport and some accidents are inevitable however we  would like all of our clients to have an enjoyable time and to return home safe. We reserve the  right to refuse service to anyone we deem unsafe to ride a motorcycle and anyone who may be  a danger to themselves and others on the track.

4. Rider Injury Disclaimer:  - Acknowledgement of the risks of motocross: By accepting these terms and conditions I/We  understand that by taking part in this activity I/We are exposed to a risk of death/becoming  permanently disabled/or suffer some other serious injury as I/We acknowledge that even in  the event of negligence on the part FULLPROmx, Jens Jung, any  company representative, the venue owner or any individual carrying out duties on their  behalf were to a contributory cause of any serious injury will always be my/our decision to  take part in a high risk activity.  - Motorcycle Safety: By accepting these terms and conditions I confirm I am an experienced  motocross rider and capable of enduring the safety of the machine and assessing my capability to ride any particular circuit. I confirm I will address the safety of any motorcycle  before taking the motorcycle onto the circuit.  - Damage to motorcycle: By accepting these terms and conditions I acknowledge that I am  responsible for all damage caused to the motorcycle whilst under my control other than mechanic failure and wear and tear. In the event of damage, I agree to pay for or replace  any damaged parts as per the price list attached.

5. Bike Damage Price List – you are responsible to pay for any crash damage you incur while riding  one of our bikes. If you bend it you pay for it or replace it with an equal part. We carry many  parts in stock and have a fabrication shop on site for minor tweaks and welds. If you crash we  will keep the price of your repair as cheap as possible however the bike you are riding needs to  be returned to a serviceable standard for the next customer. Please see the price list below for  what we charge for damages.  - Clutch Lever - $15  - Brake Lever - $15  - Handlebars - $85  - Bar Mount - $20 per mount  - Radiator - $180 per side  - Exhaust Head Pipe - $200  - Exhaust Tail Pipe - $300  - Sub Frame - $400  - 3 rd Party Labor (welding etc) - $50 per hour  -You are also welcome to purchase the damaged parts yourself at the local bike shop and we will fit them.

6.Pickup Truck Damage and use. You may be qualified to use and drive our trucks here in California. You need a valid driving license and always follow the california traffic laws. There is NO Alcohol allowed in the Car, not as a passanger and of course not for the driver. Sealed Alcohol containbers have to be transported on the truck bed! For every damage or accident is a $500 deductible before the insurance will cover the damage.

7. House Damage Disclaimer – We ask all of our clients to treat our house like they would their  own home. Our staff live on site with you 24/7 and if you are caught damaging our property you  will be charged appropriately. Anyone refusing to pay for damage they have caused will not be  riding the rest of the trip. Please help us look after our property and equipment so it is in a nice  condition for the next guests and for when you come back in the future.7. Payments – A 25% deposit is due at the time of booking to reserve your spot and your desired motorcycle for the trip. A second 25% deposit is due 2 month before arriving date and the Rest Amount is due one month before you arrivi.Your balance is due 14 days before your trip is due to start. If you have not paid in full at the time you arrive you will not be riding on the  first day until you have paid in full. If you are unable to pay your invoice will be assigned to our  international debt collection firm that specializes in international recovery. We may also sell  any and all bad debts to an international debt purchasing company once a debt is considered  irrecoverable.

8. Cancellations – You may cancel your trip in writing at any time. All deposits and payments are  final and non-refundable. If you do not cancel your trip before the final payment is due then we will proceed with the billing of your invoice and you will be responsible for the full amount. FULLPROmx is not responsible in any kind for your arrival. As Example: Canceled flights, Visa Problems, ESTA Problems, missed shuttle transfers or legal problems during the emigration are your responsibility. (COVID19 Update 5/23/2020 : We are ready for your booked Vacation, the Rooms and the Motorcycles are waiting for you. All of the Motocross Tracks are open and ready for your stay here in California. But we understand that the effort of your arrival during the time of the pandemic may be disproportionate to high is, or from some countrys even not possible to this time. If your your booked stay is affected by the pandemic, FULLPROmx offers you a free rebooking without additional fees to a later period. It is important that the rebooking takes place before the originally planned arrival!)
If  you cancel within the appropriate time period and wish to reschedule for a different trip, all or some of your deposit/payments may be allocated against that trip’s balance at the discretion of  the management.

9. Travel/Medical Insurance – We highly recommend all clients obtain travel and medical  insurance. We recommend travel insurance for trip cancellation, lost luggage, change of flights  etc. We recommend you look for a policy that includes medical cover for motorcycle riding,  motocross, extreme sports or hazardous activities that does not exclude motocross.

10. Minor Waiver – Rider under 18 can't ride with Fullpromx without their legal guardian or at least one parental is also present during his stay.

11. Customer Service – If you have any disputes regarding bookings, reservations, payments,  incorrect invoicing or anything else of concern please contact our sales office at and we will work with you to remedy any issues you may have.

12. Indemnification - To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, you agree to indemnify and  hold FULLPROmx/Jens Jung harmless from and against all damages, losses, and expenses of any kind  (including reasonable attorney fees and costs) arising out of: (1) your breach of this Agreement;  (2) any activity in which you engage on or through with FULLPROmx/Jens Jung; and (4) your violation of any  law or the rights of a third party. Thank You for reading our Terms and Conditions – Please enjoy your stay at Canyon Lake California.

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